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The Black Marriage Movement (BMM) in cooperation with Black Men Who Blog, asked the following questions. The goal is to provide some perspective into what some men wish women knew about them. Below, along with the questions, you will find my candid responses”.

What do you wish women knew about masculine respect?

I wish women knew more than what they learn about men on TV, or through media outlets. Understanding men as people would lead women to a greater mutual respect both or and from men. I want women to understand there is no single definition of masculinity. Expectations and preconceived notions that women bring to the relationship annihilate many men.

When I was first married, my now ex-wife, had plenty of ideas about what she thought married life and relationships would be. The attempt to align and understand the love language between the sexes is what facilitates the breakdown of relationships. The longer it takes to figure it out, the wider the expanse becomes.

What does it mean to you? ( What is respect? )

Respect is a mutual behavior. It’s the authentic act of displaying your care through words and deeds. It is a continuous cross-functional behavior that impacts all aspects of personal/interpersonal relationships. From feelings to communication, consideration, and expectations.

Respect based decisions and interactions determine how we receive your intentions. The level of respect between individuals determines the how they receive your intentions, your words, and even your kindness. If I do not respect a person, even their good deeds are suspicious. Copious amounts of respect should always be deployed in romantic relations if there any is any hope of longevity and mutual affection.

How can women show respect and honor you in a way that makes you feel it?

Clearly, there are all sorts of ways to show honor and respect. In fact, respect is as various as personality. Think about your partner and how they receive information from others. Use what you know about them, previous conversations you about others, unrelated gripe sessions, or scenarios that impressed them.

Everyday situations will give you guidance to understanding. Honor yourself. Always be an asset to your team. My partner respects me by showing the world her best self and having respect for herself. Lastly, I feel respected when you honor my desires, dreams, and aspirations. We can’t grow together without mutual honor and respect.


    1. I also wish that they could see that men need to work first before showing them romance. Men need to be successful first before being good husbands because a hungry man is an angry man

      1. All facts. I don’t know how people who are equally not ready for the financial burden of a family, decide to have children together/. That only works when its scripted.

      2. Does this mean that they shouldn’t date or pursue a relationship until are successful with work? I feel that women are doing more of this, building their career before being open to a relationship, but then they are seen in a negative light.

        1. This can really be a double edged sword. Both men and women should have what they seek financially and emotionally prior to dedicating themselves to someone else. We all know that society has a different stance on women, careers, and family. I think it’s BS women deserve the same chances.

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