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I hate this idea

The worst thing about this new show “The Side-Chicks of Charlotte” is that its not fake news.  This show was created to chronicle the lives of a group of women who pride themselves on the hustle.  This means, they see nothing wrong with sharing a  married man, potentially one children.  At the bottom of this article you will find a video, in which the “stars” attempt to defend their position as “side-chick” even  insisting there is no such thing.  One of the participants says,

” I mean shidd, I get same treatment as the what you calling the main chick so, how I’m on the side?” (obligatory lip twist and tongue click included) You might look at it as a side chick, but I look at it as a main chick as well because “We can go sideways, up, down, left, right …we can do all kinds of ‘sides’ but if I’m getting the same treatment, it’s not really the same qualifications of what you would call a side chick …it’s OUR man.”

The women have no issue with the secondary, or in some cases tertiary relationships besides their own. There is also no issue with sharing the saddle of one man.  Their main focus is to ensuring they consistently get “the coins” they deserve, for the services they render.

Why I bothered

Thank you for your patience thus far.  The point of this article is simply, where the hell are the men that participated in creating this situation.  I have searched and searched again for an article, a photo, any proof of life for the male counterparts of the “side-chicks”.  Needless to say, my search has been fruitless.  Additionally, every article that I have found, including the one featured in Ebony Magazine, have taken the position of interrogating and condemning the women of the show. The show’s producer was quoted int he Ebony article as saying

“This show is based around the side chicks perspective, using men for money the same way men use them,” producer Pete Pitrelli said. “These women have no desire to be wives/main chicks, they are perfectly okay with their positions and want nothing more than to have fun.”

The ladies shouldn’t carry the load alone.  Granted, its all a huge moralistic smudge on humanity and the things we find entertaining that we engage in, but let’s equalize the blame.

This kind of show is detrimental

  • T.V producers are under the impression that the viewing public is simple-minded at best and will watch whatever they give us to watch.  Programming no longer has any standard. (Although, I cant say that I won’t catch at least one episode in the interest of research, and to have a good idea about that which I scorn.)
  • This will inevitably end in violence, additional children (fatherless), or as a promotion for men too continue to not be held responsible for the families and children that they create and subsequently abandon.  It takes more than money to care for kids.

  • No one asking about who these men are, nor examining the role they play in these situations.  After all, aren’t the men in “committed” relationships with preexisting families?
  • You are raising children in the midst of your “fuckery” (Both the men and the women) What do you suppose they are learning from you?

  • 3. The equality that women have been championing for years is impacted each time women publicly submit themselves to scrutiny and scandal.  I am sure there is at least one feminist out there, claiming that this is a sign of independence ans leveling the playing field between men and women.  It’s not.  What it is doing, is showing that women still feel like the need men to survive, or that they need them as a financial enhancement at the the very least.
  • 4. All of the women involved admitted openly that they have been in less than ideal relationships previously and have no desire to get into another one.  The choice to participate in this kind of side-show is coming from a place of brokenness and desperation.  It’s is completely OK to have a choice, its less OK to squander it. Get therapy, not community peen.

Have a look, judge for yourself.  I look forward to hearing your comments. This should be a good one.



  1. This is some bullshit in my opinion. The fact that there is a show means that some women actually believe this fuckey. Why just to be a prostitutie instead of labeling yourself as the side chick? Now don’t get me wrong in order to be one, the man has to be a equal participant as well so by no means am I suggesting they get a pass BUT if women wasn’t down for it or accepted it and simply said no dude your married, it would be less and less side chic situations happening. Clearly these women have self- esteem as well as self-hate issues.

  2. This is truly sad. Tv now has become “let’s see how we can shock you more”. It’s unbelievable that grown women would go on tv promoting that they don’t give a damn about someone else marriage or relationship, they just care about getting equal time and money out of it. While some poor woman is sitting at home oblivious to what her husband is doing in their marriage. Or maybe she knows but is unwilling to leave because she doesn’t know how to leave. These type of situations opens people up to so much emotional abuse, stds, and a whole lot of embarrassment. I wish they would have some type of standard with these shows they are putting out. Right now it’s all about the epic fights that will in sue and meanwhile these women look foolish on tv and no man in site that is claiming their asses. The blame and scorn shouldn’t be on only the women, these men need to be put in the hot seat as well. How many of them sat down and spoke with their wives or girlfriends to say hey babe I got me a chick on the side, are you ok with our money and my attention being split in half? Hell no they haven’t had that conversation. Now you have women out here ready to fight each other when they need to be walking away from these idiots.

    1. Hey Ashley V,
      You made a valid point here. I don’t believe that these men are being honest with anyone. Furthermore, don’t you think that if they were, they would be divorced by now? The fallout from this show is going to be catastrophic for anyone that doesn’t already know what’s going on. How will the children involved handle their classmates telling them ” I saw your daddy cheating on your mom on tv, and he have two families. How do you like having two families?” I would not want to have that convo with my kids.

  3. We live in a society where men having a side chick happens way too much.
    Why would people support this kind of trash? WHY WOMEN WOULD SUPPORT THIS SHOW IS UNBELIEVABLE. LOL.
    LADIES, not girls, know better.

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