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Horrible Service

The definition of customer service has not been adequately translated to the the United Airlines staff.  If at all possible, it is time that we as the consumer begin to hold companies accountable for their behavior and require that they adhere to our rights.

The 69-year old passenger that was ejected from the flight to Louisville from Chicago, certainly did not get anywhere near his money’s worth.  United Air quickly issued a statement vowing to investigate the incident. The said they would “make it right” for all parties involved In conjunction with their statement they also issued an “atta-boy” to the employees who initiated the attack. Can we say contradiction?  Are you apologetic for a poorly handled situation or the bad publicity that accompanied it?

Was this part of your policy

Have a look below at United’s overbooking policy, taken directly from their website.

United Airlines plicy excertpt

Nothing in this policy addresses the physical removal of a passenger.  If the airlines finds itself in a situation where they have an overbooked flight, why are all the passengers allowed to then board the flight?  Surely the employees should be aware that the flight is over capacity prior to letting the customers board and take their seats.

Let’s Take Action



Customers should really be focused on, who we spend our dollars with, and what we will tolerate.  Imagine this is one of your grandparents.  Imagine the feeling of outrage surging through your body as it electrifies your muscles towards response.  Re-purpose that energy. Assign it an action when you witness this shameful behavior.  Hold on to that feeling, and value it above convenience the next time your book your airline passage.


  1. This was a very sad situation. All airlines overbook for flights this is how they make money. I know this because I used to work for an airline. When the airlines overbook for flights even offering compensation for those that give their seat up, they still have made a profit. The logic is that someone will miss their flight, or pay to take a later or earlier flight so that’s why they oversell and most times it just works out. Also airline employees do know ahead of time that they have overbooked also if they have underbooked. Therefore this airline has no excuse for physically removing a passenger from their seat. I say hit em where it hurts in the profit (pocket).

    1. I think you are spot on. Most people wouldn’t know the behind the scenes info like you do, but they do know what’s fair. This wasn’t it!

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