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Question (Here’s a link to last weeks question, if you missed it)

Our question today is from Fatty, She wants to know: Why are American diets so poor? 

Fatty Foods

So I can across this article, and although it’s a few years old I still feel it’s relevant. Are we allergic to fresh foods not served in a trendy fashion?

From a self-proclaimed fatty that can’t walk the walk

Shake Shake Shake

Well Fatty, let’s see if we can’t shake things up a bit. (See what I did there, funny right…ugh OK)  Actually, this is not a complicated answer.  There are a few problems with the American diet.

Don’t be fooled by the hype

We love things that are trendy and exclusive.  Both of those phrases are buzz words that have little to no value.  We want to feel special, especially when we are not feeling so good about our bodies. From processed foods to poor sleeping habits, there are hundreds of things not right with the way we live as Americans. Let’s just cover top five.

Try this to start

  1. Portion Control: This is really simple and makes everyone’s list.  If you are full when you get done eating, you ate too much.
  2. Diet composition: If most of your food comes out of a bag, package, or can, you are doing it wrong.  If its convenient, you are doing it wrong.  Foods that are good for you take effort on your part.
  3. Sodium intake:  Too much salt is bad! Duh, right.
  4. Exercise:  This one is not as bad as you think.  If you exercise moderately and your diet is under control, its relatively easy to lose and support your weight goals.  (“Diet under control “is the part that isn’t easy)
  5. Lifestyle: Lifestyle is the thing that most people do wrong.  We make dietary changes, but we don’t change the way we live.  One simply does not work without the other.

Look, as a fellow fatty, food is the bomb.  I LOVE GOOD FOOD!!!

Food isn’t the problem, we are. The way we use food to comfort, to indulge, to be our friend when our trifling real life friends not shit. This is the part that we have to ditch.  Just remember, if it’s too good to you for too long you are doing it wrong.

Gallery, do you have any advice for Fatty?


  1. I recently read an article that explained a lot of us have issues with relating food to our feelings. So we somehow convince ourselvss that “cheating” on our diet because we made a bad grade, or our boss working our nerves makes it ok to have that cookie, or Swiss cake roll (love those). When in actuality, we probably will only feel worse for ditching our health goals to or about someone. I think that a big part of it, well for me is just keeping in mind that my goals are worth wayyy more than short-term satisfaction especially when it really won’t solve anything any damn way.

    1. I’m with you on that. I can honestly say I am an emotional water but that’s no excuse to keep doing it when I know it’s bad for me.

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