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 This weeks question comes from a very “Confused Carol”,


Question: Do most conservative white parents tell their kids that dark races are less intelligent? Indian parents certainly told their kids in the 90’s (and some still do) that the people living in African forests are not very intelligent. Do most white countries still do the same? In some 90’s cartoons, cavemen have ‘less cerebral development’ (not just culturally unaware)?

 Yes this submission is real. I refuse to discuss what a white country is, because I haven’t been to one yet. I always shudder a bit when I receive these kinds of questions from folks.

For a few of reasons:

  1. Loaded questions are rarely sincere
  2. I’m worried for the state of humanity when these topics are burning questions
  3. Generalities are dangerous
  4. We are going to skip the caveman reference altogether

Let’s start with the word “conservative”

Denotatively, conservative has a positive meaning.  Connotatively, however, it’s coded language for classism, racism, elitism, and any other “ism” that people use to exclude themselves from a “lesser” group.  So when you ask about conservative white parents, are you subversively inquiring about this type of parent?  I would like to say unequivocally the answer to your question is no, however, considering the current American political climate, I may quickly be proven wrong.

To be fair

I think that all families live with assumptions about cultures to which  they don’t belong.  When I was young, my mother used to tell me not to use the restroom at anyone’s house.  Still, I am not totally sure if this was a germaphobe thing, or if it was a cultural thing.  I do know that she would say things like, “you know, WF’s don’t clean they restroom good because they never had to learn how to do it right.”  The implication is ridiculous, mostly, and when you grow up you learn the difference between fact and normative cultural assumptions.  I make no excuses for anything my parents say because that reality to them.  When you know better do better, that simple.

My point

Your investigation of this topic is biased.  Take an intense moment of self-reflection, and start again. You question makes allusions, or references to things that seem totally disparate to me. Carol,  90’s cartoon’s? African forests?  I am not sure if you have any children, but I am praying that you are teaching them only the best things. C’mon sis.

Regg’s Recommendation

Make your most salient effort to have a positive impact on the people you interact with.  You are going to always meet people who do not believe or agree with life as you see it.  Your job is to live life as a continuous student.  Continue to learn with and open mind and share those things with your community.  Most of all,  and in the kindest way possible, worry about you and your kids and not what others are teaching theirs.  If you are doing a good job with yours, they will likely not be influenced by others.

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