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Look at me!!

Today and every day for the last 100 or so years, the lips of the activist and shit-stirrers alike have been flapping religiously to the same tune. At the root of the discourse amongst the activists, is altruism, therefore I assign no fault to their efforts. Their efforts have persevered from generation to generation, attempting to plow through roadblocks, barriers, and illogical mechanisms implemented to deny the rights of many individuals. I ask you, with sincerity and conviction,  if you didn’t come to help why are you here?

“The desperate usually succeed because they have nothing to lose.” Click To Tweet

The unfortunate other side to this coin, exists amongst those who have no goals beyond the personal.  They thrive in the zone of self-indulgence and myopic focus.  Slimy and slinking, they slide into heated debate and slither back out prior to facing the consequences of their inarticulate ramblings.

“All I need is a computer connection, an internet connection that is. That’s all it will take for me to become a scholar on the topic of the day. I know all about these racists, and why they want to keep success to themselves.  I want my turn and I want it now.  You won’t block my shine.”

The activists are not why we are here

We have come to talk about the masses of careless hands. The egomaniacal, that have taken to the internet to have their moment in the sun regardless of the cost.

“Momma never listened before, but if I write this article and go viral she will know I’m special. They have all kinds of books at the half of half off book store. I have enough time to read at least three chapters worth of subheadings before I get off the bus. I’ll know all there is to know before this evening and famous in the morning. #winning (*note to self, make a quick reference guide of famous black folks who fought for the cause. I’ll sound smart if I spell their names right. * )

You talk too often, about nothing

Your talking has only detracted attention from legitimate discourse about race relations, or the lack thereof. Your opportunity to make Momma proud has come at the expense of an entire political movement. Your need for attention has obstructed a necessary dialogue. The high cost of soothing your underdeveloped understanding and your overdeveloped sense of importance is far more expensive than any of us are willing to pay.

Believe me, I know that the conversation going on around the world is of the greatest importance.  The only way to propel any sort of change is to talk about it. There is no specific qualification for joining the discussion.  My sincere intent in writing any of this, is about the quality of, and the motives behind the individual contribution of its participants. If you share your thoughts with the public, via any medium, because you have the desire to see humanity progress towards unification, shout it on every corner.

If you share your thoughts with the public, via any medium, because you have the desire to see humanity… Click To Tweet

Focus on you, then contribute

To those you who sound off, merely to hear the reverberations of your own voices, to encourage descent and turmoil, or to gain the notoriety that you have chased during your dull existence, save it.  We don’t want any.  We want you to take a moment to figure you’re your own mess.  You are of no service to yourself, nor to your community until you have come to the only reasonable conclusion, there will be no cultural harmony until each person realizes that we all need one another to thrive and survive.

This concludes our regularly scheduled rant, join us next week when will discuss the perils of synthetic hair extensions, why men don’t like kitten heels, and 6 easy ways to carry hot sauce without being obvious.

Check in with me, let me know your thoughts. Feel free to agree or not, just speak up!




  1. I enjoyed this rant. If we all would truly listen to the next person and stop thinking that our voice is more important than theirs we could get somewhere.

  2. I loved, loved, loved your rant! 🔥🔥 At what point do we start becoming foot soldiers instead of megaphones? I for one am trying to break ground and help where there is a need. To me all of what you said is like people complaining that there needs to be fresh faces in the church’s leadership. We need to see different people take leadership but when the time comes to answer the call no one steps up. Many people want help to be done but do not want to help. This was powerful. (The rant that is)

    1. Thank you!! First, I agree with you. Second I give you the all-star award for receiving exactly the message I intended to send. I will add I would also like to see some accountability for behavior.

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